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At Captured by ME we fish, we create art, we act on our desire to be stewards of Mother Earth. We will be sharing our love of the environment and the creatures (fish, turtles, dolphins, birds, manatees, etc.) who inhabit the waters that surround the Island we live on in Florida. Our intention is to be mindful consumers and discover ways to raise the consciousness of others to be stewards of Mother Earth with us. Join ME as we navigate our projects.

The team at Captured by ME consists of a longtime commercial fisherman and his mate. Catching fish is a passion for Mike (M) and he is blessed to spend most of his waking hours pursuing it. Erin (E) is a serial entrepreneur (and angler-in-training) who has spent most of her waking hours developing ideas into businesses. One of our business ventures is a home accessories line inspired by our love of fish and E’s desire to be creative.

Being artists is a new venture for both and we are able to express ourselves uniquely. We owe a big thank you to the Japanese folk art technique called, Gyotaku, for allowing us to capture our fish and share them with others. M prefers to paint his catch in their “true” colors while E prefers a whimsical approach. Creating home accessories from our art is a newly discovered passion for E. Even though decades of “playing” house should have been a clue. Check back often to see what else has been created by Captured by ME.

Being activists is not new to either M or E. We are both strongly opinionated about waste, recycling, and reusing, and now is the time to up our game. Welcome to Captured by ME. We hope you are inspired.

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