• Doormat Fish

It’s An Edible Door Mat!

Is it a fish or a door mat?

Gulf Flounder caught in the Gulf of Mexico are found in relatively shallow waters or in sandy pot holes. Commonly a flounder will bite on a live bait.

Flounder, also known as a “door mat”, have a unique evolutionary characteristic. They begin life with one eye on either side of their head, however the right eye migrates to the left side as the fish develops. This allows them to bury themselves in the sand with both eyes on their dinner prospects.

This is an excellent fish to introduce to non-fish lovers. It’s light, and freshly caught “door mat” hardly has any taste.

“M” recommends sautéing it in butter with a squeeze of lemon to finish. If fried fish is more your style use a Panko crust so the fish doesn’t get overpowered. Enjoy!

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