Friendship, Learning Opportunities, Presents and Staying Home


Lifting my spirits.

Presents delivered during a period of apprehension. A necklace in my favorite color, a handprinted sign reminding me to “relax,” and a happy little bag. Presents from a friend. They arrived at the perfect time. A time when feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty, and a sense of sadness that the world was spinning out of control.

Friends have an uncanny sense of knowing when and how to calm the storms. They reach out, even when though live thousands of miles away at the right time reminding ME to be present, and putting a smile on my face.

In my free well being course via Coursera ( one of the suggestions to create happiness in your life is acts of kindness. As a recipient of an act of kindness I can honestly say it made me happy to receive this thoughtful, creative and fun present.

Thank you Beth.

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