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I’m a Noob.

I’m working on not being a noob.

A noob is a rookie. Somebody that is new, or fairly new, to the sport or any other activity.

I’ve been fishing with M since we started dating five years ago. Five years ago I didn’t know what I was doing. Today I know so much more about being an angler…thanks to M. I won’t lie and say it was easy. Being a noob can be frustrating, embarrassing and there are many days that I want to scream “I never want to do do this again.” But the thrill of reeling in a fish is worth the pain of being of a noob.

Fishing quotes to live by.

I don’t know if M would agree with this quote.

One of the things M has me do is practice my casting. He sets up a bucket in the middle of our street and I stand five to ten feet away from it and attempt to get the weight on the end of my line into the bucket. This is an important skill to have when you go fishing for triple tail. Triple tail are typically found on structures, like a crab trap buoy. You want to be able to put the bait in front of the fish and let it drift into the fishes sight line. Hence the bucket casting. Hours. Not really. I can practice my casting for about fifteen minutes. Trust me the practice pays off and Triple Tail is yummy!

Like any new activity that you tackle (pun intended) it takes practice and I’m no longer a complete Noob but I still have a lot to learn. Check out future posts for more updates on my progress.

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