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Sunrises and Sunsets

There are people struggling all over the world. There is probably someone struggling within a .5 mile radius of my current location. While I ...

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Land Turtle

All Creatures Great and Small.

Mother Nature on Anna Maria Island, Florida delights. Our adventures often include being on the hunt for the wildlife that also call Anna Maria ...

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Doormat Fish

It’s An Edible Door Mat!

Is it a fish or a door mat? Gulf Flounder caught in the Gulf of Mexico are found in relatively shallow waters or in sandy pot holes. Commonly a ...

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Top 5 Favorite Fish to Catch and Eat!

I live on an Island. I live with a commercial fisherman. I strive to eat clean. So I'm a snob about what fish I eat. Of course, what fish we ...

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Gray snappers from Gulf of Mexico

I’m a Noob.

I'm working on not being a noob. A noob is a rookie. Somebody that is new, or fairly new, to the sport or any other activity. I've been fishing with ...

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