Top 5 Favorite Fish to Catch and Eat!

It’s true, I’m a snob…a fish snob that is.

I live on an Island. I live with a commercial fisherman. I strive to eat clean. So I’m a snob about what fish I eat.

Of course, what fish we eat depends on what we catch. (Yes, I fish, too!) Our choice also depends on the time of year as fish migrate as the seasons change.

If you know about fish you will recognize that our choice of fish is mild, light and white. I would say that people who normally shy away from eating fish would find that our choices are delicious, and fresh caught fish never smells or tastes fishy.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about finding fish. - author unknown

All of the fish mentioned can be prepared a variety of ways. I prefer sautéed in butter with a squeeze of lemon and just a dash of salt and pepper. I must admit though I don’t do any of the cooking in our house so if the chef decides to dredge our freshly caught fish in Panko crumbs or almond meal you won’t ever hear me complain.

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