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Sometimes there is an awakening of purpose. Sometimes there is a moment where clarity and purpose intertwine.

Captured by ME is a reflection of our lives. We (M and E) live our passions (fishing, surfing, creating, mindfulness) and this website is a glimpse into our pursuit of those passions. And don’t be surprised if we wander, meander or take a u-turn every once in awhile because ultimately we are both about growth. So come along for the ride as we reflect on our desire to grow and pursue areas that neither of us have previous experience with.

Inspiration for All

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One of our intentions at Captured by ME is to introduce you to our home accessory line. This line was born out of a desire for E to be included in the “boys club” of fishermen who congregated at our house on a daily basis. I had discovered the Japanese art technique called “Gyotaku” and thought it would be a unique twist to do the fish printing on fabric. Once I started printing on fabric I taught myself how to sew and began making pillows. This led to the creation of Captured by ME. While I inspired some of the “boys” to do their own prints ultimately this did not give me entrance into the “club.” I feel like my chocolate chip cookies had a bigger influence on my acceptance into the “club.”

Please take a moment to explore our shop and consider a unique, hand crafted gift for yourself or someone special. Also check back often, or subscribe to receive emails, we intend to expand our creations.

Sometimes I wonder…if the fish are thinking about me too. - unknown

Our creations will not exist without the fish and a healthy environment to catch them in. So its logical that the environment is important to us. Being a steward of Mother Earth is not a chore for us, its an honor. She gives us so much and to be grateful for these gifts we are dedicated to returning the favor. While sometimes this mission seems overwhelming and there are many obstacles to overcome, ME is determined to do our part. Our website will reflect our determination to inspire you and others to also do your part as stewards of Mother Earth. Mindful gift giving with an eye on the environment, projects that utilize sustainable materials, information that will guide us all to fulfill the mission.

We welcome your constructive criticism, thoughtful suggestions and participation. Welcome to Captured by ME. We hope you find our website insightful, informative and inspiring.

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